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Weapons of Mass Political Disruption

October 17, 2014

Did President Obama know about the weapons I have been contending existed ever since reading several accounts where servicemen described guarding chemical weapons, intercepting them, and finally the reporting I read in July 2008 about the Yellow Cake that arrived in  Canada fresh off the boat from Iraq?  DID HE?!

The American people should be truly outraged, I know I am.  If you are one of those people who ignored these reports and trashed the Tea Party and Conservatives for believing in the purpose our troops had been given to find and destroy these ordinances, then you should feel like the idiot you truly are.  For political expediency, for the purposes of trashing your political adversaries, you turned a blind eye to those reports in the news and in anecdotal accounts, for your own selfish purposes, just for the ability to stick it to your opponent.  Think of that!  Think of how unbelievably self-centered and POLITICAL it was to IGNORE the evidence so that you could put a bumpersticker that had a cute saying on it on the ass-end of your car.  It’s disgraceful and (on your part) embarrassing.  So here’s what I have to say to whatever ridiculous excuse you find yourself digging deep for now: “Screw you and your unpatriotic, selfish, stupid self because there were indeed weapons of mass destruction and even with THIRTEEN MONTHS to get rid of the weapons while Bush coddled the U.N., there were so damn many of them, we couldn’t control them!

And what was the result of the “Bush Lied Soldiers Died” mantra?  An entire generation of newly-minted veterans were made to believe that they had participated in an effort that Hillary Clinton labeled, “Immoral and Illegal,” and that the American public supposedly didn’t support.  A dispirited young military led to dispirited families and, honestly, a disillusioned public.  So, what happened then?  Republicans lost the house and the senate in 2006 and then in 2008, we elected a Progressive Demagogue who has suppressed our economy, colluded to “deem” the largest socialist health care program in history into law, and driven our dollar through the floor by supporting Q3 & Q4.  According to Inteligence operatives, long-time intelligence workers lost careers over their supposed failures.  In the military, soldiers who had signed non -disclosure agreements after guarding the WMD, returned to a scathing political environment where families and neighbors  argued with each other about the purpose of the war and where there developed a bizarre “good-” war “bad”-war story that propelled into office a Party that promised not to expend blood and treasure on such a worthless effort.

The Liberal slogan of “WMD: Zero, KIA: 12, 000,” has given us an administration that, as I write this, has ordered the Army and the National Guard, for crying out loud, to enter a country where a disease of disastrous consequence,  where only 30% of those who contract it survive, to “assist and build facilities” for citizens of this foreign country where over 10,000 people have varying degrees of the fatal disease.  This slogan was an unmitigated lie perpetrated by the “One-World” leftists who would like nothing better than to send our soldiers into Liberia to further expose Americans to a disease that could devastate our medical system, shut down our schools and turn our country into the third-world backwater the Left has been hoping for.   Since we are so “rich and powerful,” a series of events that serve to devastate our infrastructure would provide the perfect comeuppance.

In a 2006 report on, asked about the potential danger to U.S. troops [of transporting reportedly “old” chemical warheads], Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said: “They are weapons of mass destruction. They are harmful to human beings. And they have been found.”  In typical Rummy fashion, he lets the facts speak for themselves.  I’m just guessing here, but I think that when Rove directed that the administration bury this information, Rumsfeld said, “Right… whatever.”

But it was Dick Cheney’s senior advisor on national security, Dave Wurmser, Republican Intelligence Committee Chair, Dave Hoeksta, and former Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum who pushed for more information about the chemical weapons stockpiles.  What bothers me about this report, however, is the result of Rove’s effort to bury the story was that Santorum and Hoekstra learned that our intelligence efforts to locate the source(s) of the chemical weapons stockpiles had ceased.  The main focus remained on “buying” the weapons when they appeared on the market.  It sounds to me as though we never fully controlled the source and therefore lost the battle to contain the weapons.  Perhaps that is the real story here.  Afterall, how can you truly investigate something that wasn’t reported in the first place.

I ask again, did President Obama know about the weapons of mass destruction?  I suppose that depends on whether or not he paid attention to his first couple of days of the intelligence briefings.  Or perhaps it was buried there too?  Nah, he knew about it, it was just too good to be true.  Karl Rove, by covering up the extent of the find, did Obama the biggest favor ever, he handed him the Presidency!  But to know is to be blamed and when the first Serin gas attack on U.S. soil happens; and even though Obama did not support further efforts to stabilize the region, the same political hacks that came up with “Bush lied, soldiers died,” will undoubtedly find a way to blame the weapons of mass destruction attack on Bush.  The blame really should fall squarely at the feet of Karl Rove’s Lily white reputation  where it should fester like the malignant cancer it is.  Maybe then, the hold that Rove has on the Repubican millionaire /billionaire  crowd will wither and die.  One can only hope.


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