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World Mourns Death of Palestinian Children While Christian Genocide in Iraq Ignored

August 2, 2014

Yesterday, a lovely Iraqi Christian immigrant, a middle-aged woman with seven children who sought asylum in the United States last year, gave me some onions and zucchini from her garden.  Used to farming many acres, this beautiful human being is now content with a small rectangle of soil in the rich loam of the Blackfoot river alluvial plane in the heart of Missoula, Montana.  My hope is that she is content with the life she now has that is so different from her home in Mosul, Iraq where she and her family farmed land that was passed down through generations.  She worries that her friends and family that remained in her homeland are now dead.

Fanaticism is evil.  There is no comparison, no relative term, though reporters and politicians worldwide would have you believe that the [Insert noun here] actions are equivalent in both activity and intent.  Go ahead, insert anything in that spot: American’s, Israeli’s, Brit’s, Australian’s…according to world media, these country’s troops and actions are equal to those of the muslim radical fanatics and should be put on the same scale for comparison to the head-removing lunatics who smile pretty for the cameras in Iraq while placing the heads of Christians (killed because they are Christian; is that racism?) on fence poles so that the world can see some serious outdoor landscaping.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn in “Warning to the West” which was his address at the Harvard commencement in 1980, was the first to call out the western pundits and journalists as traitors to their countries in aid of evil; journalists were outraged, of course, but the reasoning behind Solzhenitsyn’s labeling is that journalists use relativism while describing the most hideous behaviors, yet genocide and fanaticism are practically revered in the search for the most sensational story.

A former CIA operative who appeared on Fox News, “Fox and Friends” this morning called Bill Clinton a “liar” and a “coward” and Geraldo pushed his way on set to make excuses for the philanderer-in-chief, calling the operative a political hack who had it in for Clinton and who had, in his retirement from the CIA, become a pundit for the “enemy.”  This man dared to call Bill Clinton, our most revered living president, a liar and a coward and the Leftist reporter Geraldo could not help himself. He exclaimed that this man had become “political,” and Geraldo asked his audience to question the story because the former CIA operative had politicized a politician.

This CIA operative told the audience that he had controlled an asset in Kandahar (the same “small town” in Afghanistan Bill Clinton referenced in the audio tape that initiated the entire discussion) who had escorted Osama bin Laden to a suite at the hotel when it became too late for the radical Islamist to return to his own compound.  This was a chance in a million to kill a man who later ordered the brutal murder of over 3,000 Americans with little collateral damage and Bill Clinton, according to the CIA, was worried that shrapnel would strike a Mosque nearby, thereby hurting his world-wide reputation.  The descriptive terms, “liar” and “coward” don’t do justice to Bill Clinton’s dereliction of duty that night, but Geraldo couldn’t let that pass because the gentleman reporting it had somehow become a political pundit in Geraldo’s eyes.  I don’t care about the punditry, the facts of that case speak for themselves and have been widely reported, but it serves as yet another example of the insidiousness of ad hominem attack and the ability of those who use it to confuse an audience and to obfuscate true evil.

The only ones who don’t equivocate are the terrorists themselves who pound their fists on podiums and tell us exactly what evil they will do.  Americans choose to block out the news of the world because we live in the safety and the beauty of our environs, far from the fear and apprehension evil brings to the world.  But when you come face to face with a gentle soul who hands you food from her garden and see the sadness and fear in her eyes when she speaks about the genocide in her home country, it hits home, and it makes the heart sick.  It is time for Americans to stop accepting relativism as true reporting.  We need to find our way back to the path where evil is evil and good is good and we are strong enough in our hearts to know the difference.


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