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Update to “Hillary Clinton is a Lying 8itch”

May 19, 2014

Because I am watching the Left cough up Hillary Clinton as their candidate yet again, I am re-posting this blog.  It’s the same-‘ol, same ‘ol Billary ticket, and if I have to listen to one more person claim that they would vote for Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she is about as transparent as a John Deere tractor, I will continue to talk smack about her.  In fact, she should be smacked, and anyone that is stupid enough to vote for her should be smacked as well.  What? can’t the Left come up with anyone that hasn’t traded political favors for important national resources?  This is it?  This is what you have?  Wow.  So, here’s what I thought of her last year at this time, and there is not one word of this blog that I would change:

May 14, 2014: I am sick and tired (read in a mid-west bitchy twang) of listing to Hillary Clinton claiming that she is a moderate.  COME ON, HILLARY, run as the Alinskyite that you are!  You are NOT a centrist moderate Democrat.  You are a LEFTIST CREEPER.  You are a LIAR of the first order.  “We can turn ‘surpluses into debt,'” she says in a recent political positioning speech. Quoting Reagan, Hillary says, “we learned (we being she and Bill when Bill wasn’t flucking Monica in the Oval office) that a rising tide DOES lift all boats.”  Do YOU know who said that?  DO YOU!?  Ronald Reagan, Conservative President, former Governor of California.  In “Rules for Radicals,” Alinsky says, “position yourself in your enemy’s camp.”  Well, she’s doing it now and Jeb “the Hick” Bush, NEO-CON, FLorida, is talking about illegal aliens.  “WHAT?” you are asking yourself.  “What the Frack?”  You may even be wondering what fricking planet you are on.  Well, I’m here to tell you, you are on planet earth and Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States as a Conservative Republican Democrat.  You heard me.

God I’m sick of Democrat Leftists running as Conservatives.  STOP IT!  You are not good Conservatives, you SUCK as Conservatives.  You’d never be able to handle Conservatism because you can’t read anything longer than Rules for Radicals nor understand anything more complicated than Lying 101.  You can’t figure out basic Economic models and anything that we Conservatives do support economically that works, you copy, and then lie about it saying that you were the ones supporting it in the first place!  Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them!  Wasn’t that moron-boy in Minnesota’s book title?  Former comedian turned joker, Al Franken?  Well, it really doesn’t matter because he’s never had anything to say worth reading.  I know, I read the ridiculous piece of trash he called a book that attempted to explain his political philosophy…and mine.  He utterly failed to explain mine, and his political philosophy was so full of emotional pap that I had a hard time making it to the next chapter without throwing up in my mouth.

What is wrong with you people?  Run on your OWN BELIEFS you CREEPERS.  Stay away from mine.  Mine are mine and yours are yours and let the chips fall where they may!  Are you SCARED?  Are you AFRAID that most of the people in this country will throw your lily-white arses out of Congress?  You have a half-Lily-white President who LIED about a major health care law to get it passed, LIED about his economic beliefs to get elected, and LIED about critical security measures that were NOT taken to save lives in a foreign embassy.  The LYING LIARS THAT LIE are you Leftist Creepers who cannot run for election on your own records.  Pathetic.  The only thing MORE pathetic is the Republican Leftist Statists who think that the answer to your antics is Jeb “The Hick” Bush.

Wake up, Conservatives.  It’s time to get busy.  Let’s make sure that every one in this country KNOWS that Hillary Clinton wrote her master’s thesis at the foot of Saul Alinsky ABOUT his philosophy and IN ITS support!  She was and IS friends with this CREEPER and it’s time to call her on the carpet.


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