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Again with the Investments!

November 13, 2012

I’m sick to death of “analysts” saying that the right combination of “investments” (read: Solyndra) and taxing the rich will spur greater economic growth.  I don’t believe it.  I, along with millions of others in the business community are more than just skeptical of government “investments,” we flat out don’t believe that “spending” should be called “investment” when an organization as corrupt and inefficient as the government uses borrowed fiat money to buy the pensions of U.S. auto makers, spend Trillions (pls see my discussion on the concept of a Trillion) on solar companies that ANY business consultant with basic knowledge of business practices would have counseled to avoid, and (insert government failure here)!

So,  go for it Libs.  Go get those rich people.  I mean, how dare they pay only
15% on long-term capital gains?   It should be at least 20 or 25%, right?  The housing and stock markets will take a hit, but we have Paul Krugman to save us.

Face it folks, economist and great thinker, Walter Williams was dead on in his column penned early in the spring entitled, “Why Barrak Obama will Win Re-Election.” He posited that we have come to a turning point in our society where the “Takers” outnumber the makers.  No racial component here, Mr.Wlliams  is black and comes fron a relatively modest background.  He is convinced that this is the end of the line for true capitalisn, innovation and general upward movement by the poor in this country.  They’ve voted for mediocrity and that is what they will get.


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