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The Park at the Convention

August 30, 2012

The pundits have found their catchphrase for the convention.  “Hit it out of the “park,” don’t hit it out of the “park,” I don’t really care; just stick to your conservative principles (i.e., Reagan) and success will follow.  In the early 1980s, with an economy in as much trouble as we find ourselves in now,  Jack Kemp brought a message to a Democrat controlled House: ‘We need to tax our people less than 30% of their income whether they earn $1,000,000 or $40,000.’  Now, tell me, Mr. & Mrs. Liberal America, how much should a person, regardless of their income, pay in taxes to the Federal Government, State Government, Local Government and all other taxes combined as a percentage of their income?  30%, 50%, 75%?  Are you really going to argue that those who are wealthy should pay upwards of 80% of their income in taxes?  Really?  It’s a losing argument, and here’s why.

The people who founded this country had come from a monarchy where their earnings were not their own, a place that, truly, protected the rich.  Our forefathers founded America on the principle of private property and justice for all.  That doesn’t mean justice only for those who are poor, it also means that those who prosper get to keep what they make.  It’s called “incentive,”  and those who believe the tripe that the supposed 99% use to support their position that Republicans care only about the rich and will balance the budget on the backs of the “poor,” are wrong, plain and simple.  Conservative economic philosophy is the only economic model that allows those with no money a chance to earn some by either working for someone who is “rich” or becoming “rich” themselves, or both.  When Jack Kemp succeeded, in a bi-partisan way (which, by the way, is how true leaders operate), in passing the Kemp-Roth tax cuts, the economy boomed…yes, you heard that right, it BOOMED!

Our economy boomed in the early 1980′s because the Conservative economic philosophy (also known as the dreaded “Trickle-Down” economics, which is a misnomer, but that’s a subject for another blog) is one that “raises all boats.”  It’s not just a slogan, it’s real.  It took place!   History supports the FACT that when you don’t penalize wealth creation, everyone who participates in the economy creates wealth; everyone, not just the supposed 1%.  The poor get less poor, the middle class thrives, and, yes, the rich get richer, and praise be to God for that.

It is a sad day in America when we hear that if Barack Obama is re-elected, small businesses will close, in droves.  After much consideration and thought, my husband of almost 20 years and I who have run a business for almost that long have decided that we too will close our doors if the Progressive agenda wins the day this November.  Our business closing won’t rock the world; however, it will rock our world.  If businesses close like I think they will, “in droves,” it might rock the world a little.  It might just make a dent in the hard-headed progressive agenda because without our many small businesses who find no incentive in this Progressive economy, the Progressives won’t be able to distribute our wealth to the 99% any more.  What will happen if we all become the 99%, where will the money come from then?  Jack Kemp knew and so did Reagan.

These great men who held Conservative principles knew that they didn’t have to hit it out of the “park,” they simply needed to convince America that Conservative economic principles apply to the 100%, and THAT is the park I want to play in!


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