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The Tea Party’s Party

August 14, 2012

The “Tea Baggers” as Bob Bechel lovingly refers to the now infamous Tea Party, are made up of those who want our country to return to a constitutional republic.  And yes, we need to return to it because we have moved far afield and in order to be limber, react well to challenges, and maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, a Republic that limits the power of a central government will encourage these desired behaviors.  There are some who argue that Democracy is better than our current form of government, but they’re wrong.  Madison particularly mentioned Democracy and its devolution into chaos.  So, we the people enumerate powers that the Federal Government may use for such important tasks as protection of our borders, etc.  Who wants the Federal Government to be all powerful?  Who?  Do you really want our Feds to run the show?  Why?

And why is Bechel threatened by the Tea Party so much that he resorts to name-calling?  Perhaps he is annoyed by the individuals who lack political experience and have rankled the political elite who think these rubes need to return to their small businesses and leave government to those who know better?  (that’s a horrifying thought) Maybe he thinks the Tea Party is out to get him?  More than likely, however, is that Bob Bechel is threatened by the Tea Party because they are, in essence, conservatives who have recently awoken from a very long sleep and will now exert enough power to end the stranglehold Mr. Bechel’s compatriots have had on our political institutions for the last 4 years.  He should be grateful.  His party took a sharp left turn, a turn that, I believe will lead to the devastation not only of his party, but of our nation and its world leadership in so many areas.

Enter Pat Cadell and Doug Schoen.  Yes, I know what you think, Bob, they are just conservatives in democrat clothing; but these guys are not conservatives!  They are supporters of government sponsored education, government welfare programs (with the work requirement), and have said, clearly, that the Alinsky model is not an acceptable political model in their political opinions.  They do not want the “system” destroyed, and have not embraced the politics of personal destruction so prevalent in the Alinsky model.  Deception is the name of Alinsky’s game, and his disciples play hardball.  David Horowitz, a once communist leader of the Left, gives some advice in his recent publication about the Alinsky model, “Be ready to fight against deception and lies.”   The problem, he continues, is that conservatives believe in our system of government and the Alinskyites do not.  They don’t fight in the world of ideas, they fight to destroy.  This doesn’t sound like any of the liberals I know, the main one being my father.  The battle of ideas has always been first and foremost and though we may disagree about socialized medicine, we do find points of agreement about society and what the government can and can’t do well.

The Tea “Baggers,” Mr. Bechel, are participating in the world of ideas.  We are not seeking to destroy our system and, though there are those who break from the truth, we live in the world of what we at least perceive as the world of ideas, truth, solutions, and, most of all, freedom.  We don’t believe that a strong country taxes those who prosper prohibitively, and, at least in this case, taxing the rich is a straw man argument.  You couldn’t tax the rich ENOUGH to dig your way out of the hole we as a country have dug for ourselves, so let’s talk about IDEAS and SOLUTIONS.  And that, my friends (and Mr. Big Mouth) is what the Tea Party is all about.  We want our economy back, we’re not willing to settle for socialism’s idea of an economy, and we believe in rugged individualism; yep, work hard and save your money.  I don’t know what Liberals are thinking, that Obama is some kind of middle of the road Democrat, but if you’re thinking that, you haven’t been paying attention.


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