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Who is Compromising in Washington?

May 15, 2012

I finally figured it out!  What has been bothering me during these last three years, other than the fact that the executive branch is not in the hands of conservatives who believe and feel the way I do about things, is the argument that it’s all the Republican’s fault, or someone other than who is in charge, anyhow, and it is their fault because they refuse to compromise which has led to gridlock, and that this argument is false, and deceptive.  We live in a constitutional republic, last time I checked, and our representatives, those people whom we have entrusted our money, our lives, and our country are not behaving as if they legislate in a bicameral fashion.

Neil Cavuto, using his traditional satirical humor, during the “closed door” sessions when Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and who knows who else, were sequestered in an office on capital hill, put a camera on one of the doors in the Senate and proceeded to comment about the fact that he had not been invited behind that door to judge the decisions that these people were making.  Now, of course, who would invite Neil behind that door?  He didn’t have the right to go in there, right?  Absolutely he had the right!  That door should never have been closed, and God Bless Him for bringing to the world’s attention that this country’s government was closing its doors in sessions where Neil was not invited (he even tried to deliver a pizza).  So, the closed doors bother me, but it’s more than that.

The blame game has put the conservatives directly in the cross hairs and the target is a shiny distraction.  “Look everyone, the conservatives are causing gridlock,” says the media, “Our government isn’t working because the conservatives won’t agree and have passed bills that are ridiculous!”  OK, let’s examine just that sentence alone: passed bills, won’t agree, ridiculous.  What I find ridiculous is that Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, and a host of other beleaguered, hard working, intelligent folks took the time, effort, and at great personal expense in some cases to create a government of shared powers with a bicameral legislature and we, the people, have turned it into the lobby manufacturing machine.

Our representatives, in both the House and the Senate are supposed to create and vote on law, these are called bills.  You remember the Saturday morning cartoon with Mr. Bill (maybe that was Saturday Night Live…”ooooh noooo,…”)?  We have a process!  A process that gives our representatives a chance to stand for something!  NONE of the Senators currently in session have STOOD for ANYthing!  None of them have signed their names to a bill!  Zero, zip, nada!  This is the political strategy of Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (NV).  If they don’t STAND for anything, they can’t be BLAMED for anything.  Brilliant, and cowardly.

In our government, the House passes a bill (thereby standing for something, i.e., this is what we want to do), then the Senate passes a bill (you remember, the H stands for House and the S stands for Senate) and then what happens?  Oh Yeah!  They meet in the middle in a place called “Conference.”  Wow, who thought this stuff up?  Oh, the founding fathers, who also fought against tyranny, thought each man (well, at the time, each white male) should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all of which involves private property rights, habeus corpus, etc., and they deliberated for many months trying to come up with the best possible solution.  And it worked!  For 230 years, it worked.  But for some reason, Sen. Harry Reid (NV), has decided to circumvent 200 years of established constitutional procedure, not to mention politically accepted leadership and moderation principles, and has found a way for his vulnerable Senators (one of whom is from the state of Montana) to take a position on absolutely nothing for almost 2 years.  Amazing.

So, the next time you hear the media telling you that the conservatives are mucking things up, ask yourself when the last time you remember your Senators and Representatives meeting in conference was, and you will have successfully used your noggin to figure out that the “gridlock” is due to one person, Harry Reid; and if you want to see compromise in action, write a letter and tell him that without a Conference, where the American people can see what is actually in a bill and what parts their representatives believe in, you don’t believe their claim that it’s all one side’s fault.


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