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The Life of Julia — Barack Obama’s Utopian Lie

May 3, 2012

This piece of propaganda tripe describing utopian wonderville is beyond comparison except, perhaps, to George Orwell’s 1984.  The lie has been refuted in so many ways and in so many countries in the history of our world that I continue to be amazed that Americans of any stripe believe it!  Someone actually wrote this “thing” and I’m guessing that they are counting on the general ignorance of our public high school educated populace to believe it. 

May I please start with the argument that WE. CAN’T AFFORD UTOPIA!  We can’t afford the tax rates that will demoralize the business creators in our free country.  We cannot afford the weight of the institutions necessary to deliver utopia to Ms Julia because as DeToqueville rightly argues, “men are not always moral and with power ($), they will be corrupted. (Paraphrasing).
I guess the reason this is so completely obnoxious is that its presented as if Americans are simpleton fifth graders and must have a chart of Obama good, Romney bad in order to understand their platform.  It assumes that there is nothing at all wrong with government having more power and you having less, a dangerous assumption at best.  And to cap it all, it makes no mention of the competitive, efficiently run private charities that provide so much to so many people on a shoe string.  Nope, they are not the answer, government is, and you’re an idiot if you don’t fall in line.

With this kind of propaganda, there will be a revolution, hopefully peaceful, because I will not live in a society that takes my freedom from me and hands me second rate healthcare on a heavily laden silver platter.  Nor will I support the statist crap line that says my government, in all its wondrous glory, is the only answer to my future happiness in this world.  I wont stand for it and neither will the majority in this country who refuse to see our country coopted by fat cat politicians who enrich themselves on the backs of entrepreneurs and call it utopia.


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