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Conservative Words

March 5, 2012

As I mourn the death of one of Conservatism’s strongest voices, Andrew Breitbart; RIP, I also mourn the Rush Limbaugh apology to Ms. Fluke, a birth-control advocate who testified at a press conference, for calling her a “slut” after her testimony bemoaning the cost of birth control while she was attending law school at the Jesuit University, Georgetown.  She is asking that we taxpayers pay, via the government insurance that we will now be forced to buy in our “free” country, for birth control.  And the media, the Left, the Populace, and even some Conservatives, are up in arms about the word, “Slut?”  The government, full to the brim with bureaucrats, is going to run our health care system, and we’re debating whether or not to use certain words to describe the leeches who would have our state involved in decisions about our bodies?  The irony is stunning.

For those of you who support state-run everything, you have lost the good sense God gave you.  The words we use to describe the parasites who do not want to take personal responsibility for their sexual behavior, instead having the taxpayer, who may or may not approve of the choice to have sex out of wedlock (oh, that’s so old fashioned!), pay for personal choices, should be the very last thing we concern ourselves with.

If she’s not a slut, then what is she?  There are a few words for those who think that the taxpayer should should pay for what others “want:” bloodsucker, parasite, freeloader, moocher, sponge, and trollop, wench, whore (if you add the sexual component).  These are just a few of the myriad words that can be used to describe a professional birth control activist who thinks her cause so important that she must call a press conference when she cannot get access to testify in Congress.

Maybe there should be a list, because I’m starting to get confused.  The Left wants the state to stay out of the room when women have abortions, but when they’re contemplating sex, they want the state’s support.  They want the state to solve all of their problems, but when it comes to the taxpayer, they have their hands firmly planted in our pockets.

The Statists, in all their glory, have managed to make this debate about words because they know the sensationalism will hide their true intentions to take yet more money out of our pockets to create a utopia where women have sex and abortions without consequence, and where personal responsibility is no longer personal because the state “net” will catch them.  The freedoms we are surrendering here are difficult to defend because they are not obvious.  Maybe, one day, the Left will realize all they have given away, but I doubt it.  They have cloaked themselves in righteous indignation at being called what they are, and to hell with the freedoms we give up when someone else pays the bills.

Would you have your neighbor pay for your birth control, Ms. Fluke?  Would you walk next door, knock on the front door and ask Mr. Jones to pay for your sexual behavior?  If you answer in the affirmative, I believe that the word, “slut” is too good for you.


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