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The System

October 15, 2011

As far as I can tell, nobody’s got it all right or all wrong in their efforts to analyze the global political-financial system.  What I do understand is that when those with money are threatened by those without money, they reach for radical solutions that should scare the hell out of you.  If you think that the Occupy Wall Street crowd will be able to affect change without disastrous consequences for the “little guy,” you are living in fantasy land.  Watch your freedoms and liberties carefully when the bullets start flying.  Once the power brokers can gain purchase on an issue they can also control, you will see your freedoms disappear one by one.  They’ve been fairly successful in limiting your 2nd Amendment rights, not that you care, but they have.

What the Occupy Wall Street crowd SHOULD be protesting is the massive issuance of debt and the destruction of the value of our dollar.  If we’re not very careful (and we haven’t been), Keynesian economics will be the end of us, not because unions will have more power or government will spend too much money trying to help the poor, but because the power brokers will have successfully used the labor unions to push the political agendas that limit our freedoms and enslave us all.  I know, I know, conspiracy theory.  It is after all, nearly Halloween; but look a little deeper.

If you run the numbers, there is plenty of money in our system to care for those who need a safety net in our society as long as we have a society that values morality and freedom.  Once a certain percentage of our population (the tipping point) falls into immoral behavior, there are no longer enough resources in the entire global economy to provide that safety net.  At that point, the power will lie with the politicians who are bought and paid for by the power brokers; in other words, the power to live our lives free of tyranny will no longer be in the hands of individuals who believe in the Constitution and the freedoms it has given us for so long.  Instead, the power brokers will finally have won, tyranny will reign and if you believe that you will then live in a peaceful world free of greed, you are mistaken.  You will have arrived in hell, where no one is free, no one can  get out from under the power of the rich, and no one is guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is a shame that those who now walk our streets protesting against the “rich bankers” don’t truly understand that the Constitution is our salvation.  The founders had lived under tyranny for centuries and knew of what they spoke.  They understood well that the concentrated power of wealth leads to tyranny.  I don’t think these people truly understand the danger they are in and now,  in spite of at least being on the right track, they will be co-opted by those who claim to support the working man while stealthily sitting on unimaginable wealth.  God help us all.


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